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A Re-Evaluation Of The Wind Concerns Ontario Health Survey

A comparison to the general population Author: Malcolm Hamilton (with permission) Download PDF version here: WCO survey analysis v016 (2) Publication date: July 28, 2014 Abstract Wind Concerns Ontario (WCO) conducted a survey of adults near some of Ontario’s wind turbine projects in the spring of 2009. An analysis of the data was conducted with the objective […]

Nuclear and carbon capture aren’t scalable compared to wind energy

There’s an enduring myth related to wind energy and nuclear energy that needs to be put to bed. That myth is that only nuclear can be scaled to sufficient capacity to reduce the impacts of global warming, and that wind energy is much less scalable so it should be ignored. And there’s another myth related […]

How communities end up divided over wind energy

In general, wind energy proposals were started by wind developers and firms who saw clearly that there was massive social license for wind farms in every survey and poll ever done. They typically underestimated the NIMBY factor, as well as other factors. As such, they came into communities expecting much higher on-the-ground and active support than they actually received.  […]

Vertical axis wind turbines aren’t replacing horizontal axis offshore turbines

Over the past few months, an interesting wrinkle on the vertical-axis-wind-turbines-are-better mythology has surfaced: that they are superior offshore and that many countries are investing heavily in offshore VAWTs. Over the course of several discussions, numerous named countries and companies were thrown at me, always without links or documents proving assertions. A little digging found […]

Ex-pharmacist Krogh repeats attempt to deceive Canadian doctors

Last year, three people with irrelevant credentials but seats on the Advisory Group of an anti-wind campaigning organization managed to bootstrap extremely weak papers and material into a Commentary in Canadian Family Physician claiming that family doctors would see health problems near wind farms. It was deeply slanted, cited extraordinarily weak evidence as if it […]

2013 in review: a good year for reality regarding wind energy

2013 has been an extraordinarily good year for wind energy. It’s continued to be built out in large quantities world wide, maintaining its dominance as the pre-eminent form of clean energy displacing fossil fuels. Studies continue to refine the understanding of why people complain about wind farm health impacts in the absence of any reason […]

Amplitude Modulation: another anti-wind myth goes thump

Last update: February 14, 2014 One thing to admire about those who dislike wind energy is their sheer persistence. If one argument gets stamped out, they turn to another without blinking an eye. Specific pieces of disinformation ebb and flow as the evidence mounts. One of the recurring minor points of anti-wind rhetoric is that wind […]

In their own words: People living among and near wind farms on video

Last update: June 7, 2014 People have been living with utility-scale wind turbines for 50 years. Now they have great video cameras on their iPhones and access to YouTube and Vimeo. Here are a great bunch of videos where people tell their stories of living among and near wind farms in their own words. Have […]

Waubra Foundation not anti-wind? How funny is that?

Sarah Laurie, CEO of the Waubra Foundation, gets quite indignant that people continue to call the Waubra Foundation an anti-wind organization. She said as much in an interview on a European radio interview: I should just say Bill we are frequently represented, I should say misrepresented in the media of being an anti-wind group and […]

Wind turbines are sonic weapons if feathers are speeding trucks

Last update: October 16, 2013 As each of anti-wind types’ arguments get shot down in flames, they usually resort to more and more outlandish claims. One of the most outlandish is that research on sonic or acoustic weapons is somehow pertinent to wind turbines and the health impacts that people claim that they cause. Read […]

Windfall: a seriously flawed US documentary on wind energy

Windfall is a 2010 documentary by Laura Israel about her perspective on a wind farm being proposed, built and operating in her small upstate New York town. It’s still worth debunking it, as even though it’s been out for a while it continues to bubble up as a talking point. How does it stand up? […]

W.H.O. has seen the wind! Well, not really

One of the B-movie monsters of wind energy that hasn’t lurched out of the woodshed recently, the splitting maul still stuck in its thick skull, is the favoured meme that somehow the World Health Organization (WHO) has agreed that wind energy causes health issues and has issued proclamations against it, or favours extraordinary setbacks. The […]

How should you assess the quality of a wind health study?

Last update: June 20, 2014 Every day or so headlines pop up in various parts of the world claiming that research has shown that wind turbines cause health impacts, or wind turbines don’t cause health problems or that someone has proven something or other negative or positive about wind energy. How can you figure out […]

When medical practitioners mislead: trio targets family doctors with bad information

Last update: June 20, 2014 Three Canadians — two with current and historical medical credentials — have  jointly written a commentary in Canadian Family Physician (CFP), a peer-reviewed medical journal which is the official publication of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. They warn of negative health impacts from wind energy that family physicians should […]

Not just NIMBYs: understanding anti-wind energy campaigners

Last update: April 8, 2014 NIMBY is a nice crisp acronym, but it is completely inadequate as a categorization of the various people fighting against broader penetration of renewables in energy grids world wide and their motivations. When mounting a campaign for increased renewables in a region, or when battling disinformation campaigns around proposed or […]

Sarah Laurie: doctoring the truth about wind power

Sarah Laurie* is CEO and primary spokesperson for the Waubra Foundation, an anti-wind energy campaigning group based a long way from Waubra with tight links to Australia’s fossil fuels industry and well-off people fighting proposed wind farms near their rural idylls. Formerly a GP, Ms. Laurie has been non-practicing and de-registered longer than she was […]

Have ten minutes? Write a letter to your representative supporting wind power

Politicians are elected to represent us. But how do you help them know what you care about? One quick way is through a letter or email. Below you will find clear guidance and examples to enable you to quickly write a letter or email supporting wind power to your representative. Also consider these other options for making […]

Have one minute? Promote #windpower on Twitter

Twitter: it’s instantaneous, brief , reaches politicians, celebrities and your Aunt Doreen, and is often maddeningly wrong.  But who has time to go find the perfect data point to rebut the anti-wind myths that float around or provide the perfect credible argument in a discussion?  Or just bust out a cool, referenced fact because you […]

Have five minutes? Correct anti-wind myths in articles and comments

Have you read an article or comment thread online that contains anti-wind myths and disinformation but didn’t have the resources at your fingertips to counter the spin? This post is intended to let you create factual, solid, referenced comments debunking disinformation in five minutes or less in the areas of Health, Environment and Smart Grid. […]

Have five minutes? Write a Letter to the Editor supporting Wind Energy

Poll after poll is clear: the large majority of people, rural and urban, support wind energy in general and support wind energy near them.  But the small minority of people against wind energy are the ones who are being heard. With the guide and examples below, you should be able to have a good Letter to the […]

Wind farms co-exist with other land uses: debunking the myth of energy density

Wind farms sit lightly on the land, taking up at most 1-2% of the area they cover, leaving the rest  available for farming, hunting, snowmobiling, hiking, grazing or any number of other uses including tulip farming (see below). Yet anti-wind lobbyists and campaigners persist in making the claim that enormous swathes of land would be […]

Governmental incentives for renewables are necessary and provide great value-for-money

Last update: November 13, 2013 One of the arguments that anti-wind lobbyists pull out after the rest of their arguments related to economics and efficiencies of wind energy are shot down is that of economic incentives and market distortions favouring renewables. The argument goes like this: “If wind energy is so cheap and effective, why do […]

Wind turbines pay back total environmental ‘debt’ in under six months

Last update: October 28, 2013 One of the B movie unkillable wind energy myths — it just keeps coming back even after it’s been run over by truckloads of facts, disembowelled by logic and burnt to a crisp by the light of reason — is that wind turbines consume so much material and carbon in mining, […]

How close is too close: meteors vs wind farms

Setbacks for wind turbines from homes are an unnecessarily controversial issue in many parts of the world.  While public health organizations, major utilities, the government and the wind industry have worked closely together to find a good balance, establish guidelines and laws, and to put in place modelling software to assist in site planning to […]

Wind farm end of life? Repowering or benign decommissioning

Last update: May 15, 2013 One of the scary myths that anti-wind lobbyists like to throw around is the spectre of a wind farm reaching its end of useful life and what will happen then. They like to claim that decaying wind turbines will litter the landscape and that rusting hulks will scar local vistas for […]

Wind energy reduces green house gas emissions

Last update: September 25, 2013 Despite the reality that wind farms are one of the most environmentally benign forms of generation going and their displacement of fossil fuels, many anti-wind lobbyists and campaigners are spreading a myth that they don’t actually help with global warming. Sadly, James Lovelock who has done so much for the environment […]

Wind farms: good for ground water too.

Wind farms have a minimal impact on the environment and very positive impacts in terms of displacing fossil fuels and their massive impacts related to global warming and pollution. Yet some anti-wind lobbyists make the claim that wind turbines are damaging to aquifers, threatening drinking water, water for irrigation and bird habitats. A University of […]

Bad day in court for anti-wind campaigner Sarah Laurie

Last update: February 8, 2014 It’s rare that anti-wind lobbyists appear under oath. Sarah Laurie*, medical director of the anti-wind, fossil-fuel connected, lobbying group The Waubra Foundation, was asked to testify on behalf of those opposed to a proposed wind farm before the Environment, Resources and Development (ERD) Court in South Australia from 13-14 January, 2011. She was examined […]

Anti-wind lobbyists falsely claim more than 1 in 20 wind turbines permanently inactive

Last update: September 13, 2013 There’s an anti-wind energy myth floating around that refuses to die. The most recent siting was in the official policy of an Australian political party, the Democratic Labour Party of Australia. [11] What is the myth? That there are 14,000 permanently inactive wind turbines out there somewhere. That last word, ‘somewhere’, […]

Parasitic power and wind turbines. Sounds scary, but what’s the real story?

Last update: April 17, 2014 There are about 300,000 wind turbines generating economically sound electricity world-wide today. But some anti-wind lobbyists claim that wind turbines consume 50% or more of the electricity that they produce. The claim appears to originate with Eric Rosenbloom, President of National Wind Watch [6] and creator of the wind disinformation […]


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