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Assessing the environmental impacts of different forms of generation

Recently on Quora someone asked: Different types of energy production create different types of environmental harm – how can we compare these varying types and degrees of environmental harm in an apples-to-apples way? My answer is copied here. There are several mechanisms for cross-generation environmental impact assessment. Meta-analyses of CO2e The most important is meta-analysis of full-lifecycle CO2e-emissions, […]

W.H.O. has seen the wind! Well, not really

One of the B-movie monsters of wind energy that hasn’t lurched out of the woodshed recently, the splitting maul still stuck in its thick skull, is the favoured meme that somehow the World Health Organization (WHO) has agreed that wind energy causes health issues and has issued proclamations against it, or favours extraordinary setbacks. The […]

How should you assess the quality of a wind health study?

Every day or so headlines pop up in various parts of the world claiming that research has shown that wind turbines cause health impacts, or wind turbines don’t cause health problems or that someone has proven something or other negative or positive about wind energy. How can you figure out which ones to trust relatively […]

Ostrander Point wind farm objections appear reasonable

In Ontario, there is one specific wind farm siting discussion I’ve been engaged in over the past couple of days, that of the nine turbine Ostrander Point wind farm.  Based on the testimony that I’ve seen, specific concerns for wildlife and habitat for that specific wind farm appear reasonable and there is a strong case for significant […]

Wind turbines pay back total environmental ‘debt’ in under six months

One of the B movie unkillable wind energy myths — it just keeps coming back even after it’s been run over by truckloads of facts, disembowelled by logic and burnt to a crisp by the light of reason — is that wind turbines consume so much material and carbon in mining, manufacturing and construction that […]

Are airborne wind turbines a plausible source of cheap clean energy?

One of the interesting things about wind energy is that while the market has spoken loudly and clearly about what makes economic sense for wind generation, every week there’s another news story on wind generation innovations such as relatively ineffective vertical-axis wind turbines that are going to replace horizontal-axis, three-blade wind generators. An ongoing area of […]

Wind farms: good for ground water too.

Wind farms have a minimal impact on the environment and very positive impacts in terms of displacing fossil fuels and their massive impacts related to global warming and pollution. Yet some anti-wind lobbyists make the claim that wind turbines are damaging to aquifers, threatening drinking water, water for irrigation and bird habitats. A University of […]

Bad day in court for anti-wind campaigner Sarah Laurie

It’s rare that anti-wind lobbyists appear under oath. Sarah Laurie*, medical director of the anti-wind, fossil-fuel connected, lobbying group The Waubra Foundation, was asked to testify on behalf of those opposed to a proposed wind farm before the Environment, Resources and Development (ERD) Court in South Australia from 13-14 January, 2011. She was examined by George Manos, LLB […]

“Wind turbine syndrome” is more wind than syndrome

Dr. Nina Pierpont performed a small set of medical interviews of people who complained of health problems that they blamed on wind turbines.  She self-published a 294-page book on her findings she called “Wind Turbine Syndrome” (http://www.windturbinesyndrome.com/) in 2009.  This book and the syndrome are widely referenced by people campaigning against wind turbines.  She continues […]

A study in Noise and Health shows that wind farms cause people to lose sleep. How reliable is this study?

The study Effects of industrial wind turbine noise on sleep and health by Nissenbaum, Hanning and Aramini is being referenced in articles world-wide and is being held up as peer-reviewed evidence that wind farms are causing health problems by anti-wind lobbying groups. Dr. Hazel Lynn’s (Medical Officer of Health for Grey Bruce, a region of Ontario) recently […]

Wind farms are being built along whooping crane migration paths. Is there any risk to them?

Save the Eagles International (STEI), an anti-wind lobbying group, is claiming that hundreds of whooping cranes have been killed by wind farms in the past six years. Jim Wiegand, VP is promoting this theory of his as broadly as he can.  The Washington Times picked up the story and used it as part of its […]

Humans evolved with infrasound; is there any truth to health concerns about it?

Wind farms are fielding complaints about health impacts, almost entirely in the English-speaking world. There are literally over 200 unique symptoms in humans and animals that have been blamed on wind generation technology over the past decade or so, according to a list maintained by Professor Simon Chapman of the School of Public Health in […]


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